Summer Solstice Ideas !

Summer Solstice is when the sun travels along the most northern path in the sky. The sun takes the longest to rise and longest to set. the Sun appears highest in the sky while the moon appears lowest.

How to Celebrate !  Pick strawberries and celebrate with what coincides with June’s full moon also known as the Strawberry moon.  Enjoy a bonfire as the Midsummer’s Eve as the ancients called it, was celebrated the evening before. A bonfire party is a common theme on the longest day as we emerge from the long dark winters.  Pursue a magical fern flower to bring good luck before cleaning one’s face in the morning dew. Ferns produce a magic blossom once a year, on the eve of the Summer Solstice. Whoever is lucky enough to find a fern flower will receive good luck, prosperity, and the ability to understand the speech of animals.  The flower is believed to be protected by evil spirits. In some folklore, the Devil was said to appear and snatch the flowers for himself.

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