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Free Spirit Socks Pattern PDF:

Free Spirit Socks

These lovely socks are comfortable and fit a larger foot, with a high in-step. They are warm, yet cool enough with sock yarn to wear in summer. The cuff is not tight, yet elastic. Quick and easy to knit up!


First Blooms ©T.Cote
Mooncake Mitten Co. Blog is the brainchild of a knitting addict who loves to design & create unique knitwear accessories emphasizing fit and comfort, while providing patterns that are clear, explanatory and easy to read !



Summer Solstice Ideas !

Summer Solstice is when the sun travels along the most northern path in the sky. The sun takes the longest to rise and longest to set. the Sun appears highest in the sky while the moon appears lowest. How to Celebrate !  Pick strawberries and celebrate with what coincides with June’s full moon also known … Continue reading Summer Solstice Ideas !


by Toby Cote The Canadian Loon is a symbol of the Canadian wilderness and evokes a feeling of tranquility. This loon was designed from my collection of photos from one of the many lakes in Saskatchewan. I reproduced this loon in a watercolour to colourplan the work and finished it in wool strips hooked into … Continue reading Loon


We recently replaced our kitchen backsplash and had two areas where we didn’t want to replace the builder beige plastic switchplate that formerly housed a landline phone connection, and we no longer have a landline phone. There was also a box that housed a cable TV connector (yes, in the kitchen by the stove.. 😮 … Continue reading SWITCH PLATE COVER ART

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