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Strike the Pose.. 

A figure in a yoga pose, strong warrior, at peace!

With bright chakras swirling above in a visual delight protecting and lingering with positive energy! Colourful auras surround the presence of the yogi soul!  The negative energy descends  in its blackness and is suppressed into the Earth, forever buried.



Strike the Pose, by Nicole Cote, Original acrylic and Oil Painting Wall Art, 2017. view it in our  Etsy shop !


To boldly go where no one has gone before-

I have a fascination with space and the celestial – planets, stars, lunar bodies, (Star Trek.. cough).

This painting is an original acrylic painting of a reddish/purple planet on a celestial background, framed with white.

Measures 9 inches by 12 inches.

The planet is detailed by outlining the random curls and tendrils of the ink as it is applied to paper. An art teacher told me that you can’t fight the ink- It has a mind of it’s own. In my art, I choose to celebrate this and to accentuate the beauty of the ink with outlining.


Porthole by Nicole Cote, India Ink, High-flow acrylics, gesso (as paint), acrylic paint, ballpoint pen, 2017

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The Water Women

The heat of the day swells in a small clearing in the trees. A group of ladies of the tribe gather their supplies. 

One figure holds a stick with the fish on the end, another in the centre among the trees is filling her basket by gathering fruit and berries from the trees. 

Three cats on the lower right sit on the bank and watch her on the bank of the creek. The ghosts of so many before them loom in the background observing. 


Water Women-Borealis

The Water Women – by Nicole Cote, Acrylic on Wood, 2017


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