A Little Night Garden

I’ve been attracted to the idea of creating a Night Garden. Lighting the night garden and pathways, watching the reflection of the moon. Creating fountains to heighten the sounds of water and rustling leaves, with light and fragrance at night. It is emphatic when you are enjoying a lunar event.

Just after midnight on June 21, there will be a lunar eclipse of the New Moon as we celebrate Summer Solstice.

The longest day of the year and the ushering in of summer!

Enjoy this change of seasons, celebrating our creativity and reflection in these times of isolation. There will be new opportunities presented and some which we will need to release and let go. During this time of opening new doors to a new season and the lunar eclipse event, give thought to how you will move forward. What direction will you move toward? What doors will open and invite you in, and which ones will you choose to open?


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