The Clouds Tell The Story


The Clouds Tell The Story   by:  T.Cote©2020

The colourful landscape contrasts with an active sky and each day is different. The great wide-open of Saskatchewan lets you breathe and meditate as you consider where you fit in the perspective of this great wide open.

The clouds are full and low in an active sky with a multitude of sizes and shapes and the summer light kisses the fields of canola amidst a deep green meadow which looks far into the horizon as the sky shows gradation from dark to light. Similar to the minor and major chords in music, balancing into a harmonic scale.

The posts and gate disappear into the purview as the path seems to go on forever. The contrasts of the landscape are analogous to the contrasts of life.  Truly the land of the living skies, It is my think place.



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