Buttercream Roses

Buttercream Roses, Sculptural Cake, Rug Hooking and Crochet Work

Update September 2021

Buttercream Roses was sold in the show ‘Luscious.Tasty.Delicious’ I was sad to see one of my favorite pieces go, but happy to know it is now enjoyed by a purchaser in New York.

Update – July 2021

Buttercream Roses was invited to show at the Barrett Art Center in Poughskeepsie, New York in a show called ‘Luscious.Tasty.Delicious.’ An International Juried Art Exhibition. The show runs from Aug 7, 2011 to September 11, 2021.

The show was juried by Holly E. Hughes and her Juror Statement is here: https://www.barrettartcenter.org/ltd-jurors-statement

I was happy to be in such wonderful company with many great pieces. You can check out the entire show online here: https://www.barrettartcenter.org/ltd-online-gallery

My recently completed piece ‘Buttercream Roses’, has been accepted into a show called ‘From Scratch’  beginning in August in Saskatoon.   

Rug hooking is a traditional craft, using techniques from hundreds of years ago. I envisioned the concept and creation of  ‘Buttercream Roses’ in my process and engaged with the theme ‘From Scratch’ to mean no pre-made materials, packaged, or kitted items were used. 

I associated the theme ‘From Scratch’ with baking as that is where I first heard the term. To bake a cake from scratch meant to use a recipe and not a cake mix. I wanted to challenge myself in the textile arts area. My piece, a two-tiered cake structure, involved the design and creation of a three-dimensional hooked rug piece from sketch to completion. I sketched a repeating rose and vine pattern on a frosted buttercream background and created a watercolor to determine the wool colors. From this color plan, I transferred the design onto linen foundation cloth and chose the colors to resemble a frosted, two-tiered layered cake. The sides and top are hooked using the traditional rug hooking technique with strips of wool on linen foundation cloth. The second tier was joined to the first, using cotton floss and yarn crocheted together to resemble piped frosting. I then structured the piece over a form that I have sewn and assembled.

The show runs August 3 – November 6, 2020 at the Saskatchewan Craft Council Gallery, 813 Broadway Avenue, Saskatoon, Saskatchewan


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