Mining in Canada Needs Reinforcement Not Rebranding

An excerpt from Canadian Mining Journal Pg 21 – September 2022

September link to the Canadian Mining Journal

This article by Donna Beneteau was very special to me, because an article that my Dad, Harvey Laberge and I worked was accepted and will be included in the Data Hub Database at CIM (Canadian Institute of Mining) that Donna created. She was looking for stories about the Canadian mining industry, with a history of miner’s lives.

My Dad, Harvey Laberge, was working on the oil rigs and was on the team that drilled the exploratory holes for the development, worked on the shaft sinking and continued to work for the mine at Patience Lake, Saskatchewan – PCA or Potash Company of America which originated in Carlsbad, New Mexico. It is now known as Nutrien – Patience Lake.

Donna explains the project very eloquently below:

To experience the hub or read more about this project click here:


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