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Memories of a knitted passion

Waltzing with Memories, by T.Cote

My grandma taught me to knit when I was a very young girl.  As a child, I used to go over there after school each day until my parents returned home from work. 

One of the first projects I did with her that I remember was a knit pillow cover.  It was pink and worked in stockinette stitch.  It took me what I thought was forever to finish.  If there were any stitches out of place, she used to say, albeit with love, ‘Well there now! No, you must rip it and try again’. It seemed heartbreaking at the time, but she was right, and although I didn’t realize it at the time, or understand why it wasn’t good enough just to finish my first project, she was trying to show me how to do my best work and appreciate it always!

I finished knitting the pillow cover, although it was smaller than most standard cushions, but she said I did an excellent job, and that meant the world to me. Next, she showed me how to weave a simple design between the stitches. A simple pattern, but this is where I got to be creative! She gave me my first knitting needles and a project bag. The needles were a tortoiseshell and were so beautiful!  I felt so proud and special to have them, and I still remember that cushion. It sat proudly on our family couch for many years.

I still remember this first project, and it brings back the joy of spending time with my grandma and what she taught me about the pride, appreciation, and integrity of a job well done! She passed many years ago, but I still carry those memories with me today. I still love to knit and I think of her and what her spirit is whispering in my year as I tackle each new project!