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Words of The Woman Who Knows

I was happy and excited to be notified that a textile piece I recently completed has been accepted into the 2020 FFAA Focus on Fibre Arts show in Alberta. The theme this year was Focus On Your Future.

The show will be on display online and at the new gallery space from July 20th to August 31st 2020 at the new Focus On Fibre Art Studio in Strathearn Centre in Edmonton. The full exhibition will also be viewable on the FFAA website. 

I entered a rug hooking piece entitled ‘Words of the Woman Who Knows’

Artist Statement:

To determine what our future holds, some consult a fortune teller. Depicted here is a stereotypical seer, one you may happen upon at a country fair. 

Looking to see what is in our future, the seers base their knowledge on their tools: crystal balls, palmistry, tea leaves, tarot cards, and potions to give them sight into our future, what is in store for us, and how they interpret this vision in our future. Even though she has seen our future, it is up to us to ultimately understand it, act on it, and make it our own!