Memories of a knitted passion

Waltzing with Memories, by T.Cote

My grandma taught me to knit when I was a very young girl.  As a child, I used to go over there after school each day until my parents returned home from work. 

One of the first projects I did with her that I remember was a knit pillow cover.  It was pink and worked in stockinette stitch.  It took me what I thought was forever to finish.  If there were any stitches out of place, she used to say, albeit with love, ‘Well there now! No, you must rip it and try again’. It seemed heartbreaking at the time, but she was right, and although I didn’t realize it at the time, or understand why it wasn’t good enough just to finish my first project, she was trying to show me how to do my best work and appreciate it always!

I finished knitting the pillow cover, although it was smaller than most standard cushions, but she said I did an excellent job, and that meant the world to me. Next, she showed me how to weave a simple design between the stitches. A simple pattern, but this is where I got to be creative! She gave me my first knitting needles and a project bag. The needles were a tortoiseshell and were so beautiful!  I felt so proud and special to have them, and I still remember that cushion. It sat proudly on our family couch for many years.

I still remember this first project, and it brings back the joy of spending time with my grandma and what she taught me about the pride, appreciation, and integrity of a job well done! She passed many years ago, but I still carry those memories with me today. I still love to knit and I think of her and what her spirit is whispering in my year as I tackle each new project!


Words of The Woman Who Knows

I was happy and excited to be notified that a textile piece I recently completed has been accepted into the 2020 FFAA Focus on Fibre Arts show in Alberta. The theme this year was Focus On Your Future.

The show will be on display online and at the new gallery space from July 20th to August 31st 2020 at the new Focus On Fibre Art Studio in Strathearn Centre in Edmonton. The full exhibition will also be viewable on the FFAA website. 

I entered a rug hooking piece entitled ‘Words of the Woman Who Knows’

Artist Statement:

To determine what our future holds, some consult a fortune teller. Depicted here is a stereotypical seer, one you may happen upon at a country fair. 

Looking to see what is in our future, the seers base their knowledge on their tools: crystal balls, palmistry, tea leaves, tarot cards, and potions to give them sight into our future, what is in store for us, and how they interpret this vision in our future. Even though she has seen our future, it is up to us to ultimately understand it, act on it, and make it our own!

The Clouds Tell The Story


The Clouds Tell The Story   by:  T.Cote©2020

The colourful landscape contrasts with an active sky and each day is different. The great wide-open of Saskatchewan lets you breathe and meditate as you consider where you fit in the perspective of this great wide open.

The clouds are full and low in an active sky with a multitude of sizes and shapes and the summer light kisses the fields of canola amidst a deep green meadow which looks far into the horizon as the sky shows gradation from dark to light. Similar to the minor and major chords in music, balancing into a harmonic scale.

The posts and gate disappear into the purview as the path seems to go on forever. The contrasts of the landscape are analogous to the contrasts of life.  Truly the land of the living skies, It is my think place.


Your Road

Your Road by T. Cote

River Flood Reflections by T Cote

The road in your mind may be wide open or you may find obstacles that weren’t there before. A familiar place made different will bring choices; double back and take a different path but know that whatever path you take, keep going, even if you slip and stumble. It may lead to wonderful things !

Wind and water may wash away the footprints in the sand , but choose to lead and make your way, even if it’s new and unfamiliar. Your fresh start may just make a better path for others to follow!

What Is Left Behind

At first glance, and by its shape, it looks like an amulet on a leather cord.  But it’s simply the remains of a tree branch hanging by its root, eroded by the river and wind on the edge of the river. It’s protected, by the rim of the bank, yet exposed to the elements. 

Above the object, it looks like petroglyphs or fossils and the sands of the bank are the result of many years of eroded deposits. 

I was pleased to find this special place, natural and untouched. A lesson to examine what you see and not to accept what your eyes understands it to be. The untainted landscape of what was left naturally behind. 

Angel Of Disquietude

Angel of Disquietude

Artwork by Toby Cote

In these first weeks of summer, there’s an air of worry, stepping into an unknown time with no past to base experiences on. A new time, looking for hope and light in these unparalleled times, finding a path to navigate our reality. In as much as our Angel is pondering to lead and teach us all.

A Little Night Garden

I’ve been attracted to the idea of creating a Night Garden. Lighting the night garden and pathways, watching the reflection of the moon. Creating fountains to heighten the sounds of water and rustling leaves, with light and fragrance at night. It is emphatic when you are enjoying a lunar event.

Just after midnight on June 21, there will be a lunar eclipse of the New Moon as we celebrate Summer Solstice.

The longest day of the year and the ushering in of summer!

Enjoy this change of seasons, celebrating our creativity and reflection in these times of isolation. There will be new opportunities presented and some which we will need to release and let go. During this time of opening new doors to a new season and the lunar eclipse event, give thought to how you will move forward. What direction will you move toward? What doors will open and invite you in, and which ones will you choose to open?

Beach Bungalow Coasters

Thinking Beach Cocktails ? Beach Bungalow Coaster Set by Borealis1Boutique via @Etsy New on the Etsy store!!

These coasters made from fusible glass and kiln-fired, remind me of a Caribbean beach holiday. Staying in a rustic beach bungalow, it brings back a carefree, fun-filled, lazy beach vacation !

We are so looking forward to summer!!

Pure Joy !


Happy Victoria Day long weekend 2020 !  It is a different summer holiday experience this year, but fun to get back to nature.  We’ve been exploring different off-leash venues with our dog Loki.

This is Loki, exploring the trails that ultimately lead to the South Saskatchewan River. Bounding off the trails into the River and back again in pursuit of the big sandbar beach at Chief Whitecap Waterway.

Loki is a cross between an Alaskan Husky and a Malamute, very good natured, a good listener and a great family member.


This is definitely her happy place !



Giving herself a big shake and ready to head back up the trails and home!IMG_5589.HEIC

Art Studio Boutique !

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